Summary of the Wedding Policy for The Presbyterian Church on Edisto Island

We, as members of The Presbyterian Church on Edisto Island, believe that a wedding is an act of Christian worship and a service of Christian covenant making. We believe that it is the duty of the church to expect that its members will make every effort to conform to the laws of God with respect to marriage. Our understanding of marriage leads us to believe that a couple seeking permission to be married in this church should share a common Christian faith and a common intention to build a Christian home together. We cannot in good conscience, provide space for persons to be married without clear evidence of commitment to the faith community.

Policies for Scheduling Marriage
- All interested parties must speak with the Pastor before a wedding is considered.
- The Pastor of this church will officiate or co-officiate the ceremony.
- No wedding will preempt church activities and no wedding will be scheduled on a Saturday followed by a first Sunday (due to preparation for Holy Communion)

Directives for use of the Church
- The Music Director of this Church is responsible for the music of the wedding. She will help with the selection, coordination of soloists, instrumentalists, and rehearsals.
- Only appropriate music may be used. (Book of Order W-4.9005)
- The Wedding Coordinator will be the contact person during the planning of and execution of the wedding ceremony and will work with wedding planners.

Use of Photography, Decorations, and Sanctuary
- Absolutely no flash photography may be used by the photographer or by guests.
- No additional lighting is allowed.
- Sanctuary furnishings may not be moved.
- Florists and wedding planners should refer to the wedding policy for usage guidelines.

Fees and Honoraria
- Non-members must pay $1,000 for use of the Sanctuary.
- Pastor Honorarium: 
       $150 for Pre-marital counseling.
       Non-members pay $250 for Pastoral service for the rehearsal and ceremony.
       Member honorarium is at the discretion of the member.
- Organist fee:  $395 planning session, wedding and rehearsal.
- Wedding Coordinator fee: $100
- Custodial fee:  $100
(All fees must be paid two weeks before the ceremony. Deposit of $500 due at time of approval. Please do not send fees until your request to be married in this Church has been approved by the Session.)

Additional Information
Contact the Wedding Coordinator, Margaret McCord, 843-889-2889 or by email at